Why Now

Let’s lay it all out on the line:

Women control 85% of all consumer spending. By supporting the Chick Tick, you are supporting women in business, helping their businesses grow.

Chick Tick represents freedom; to uplift and promote equality for both genders. We want to inspire women of the future to step into their power, working alongside men to create a balanced and fair workforce.

But, why Chick Tick?

Great question! Every time we spend, we vote with our wallets. We have the opportunity to make informed decisions about where our money goes. We know life is busy, we feel like we are always working, and everything seems to have some sort of ethical or political impact. It’s tough being the perfect consumer.

But we are asking for you to make this a priority. Why?

Because by consciously choosing to spend a little bit of your income supporting women-owned and led business, it will help society in huge ways. By adding money into the female economy, it puts profits back into families, communities & creates employment opportunities.

It helps connect us to money.

And where money is, there is always power. For too long, women have been removed from the conversation about the power they hold. It’s a well-known fact in marketing circles that women control the money – well they make around 85% of the purchase decisions. So collectively, we can change the flow of money, therefore having a say in who holds the real power. Wow, that sounded a little deep. But here is the thing. We have all heard that Spiderman saying ” with great power comes great responsibility.” well this is one of those responsibilities. We can actively get involved, without being too political, or it being too hard. We can trust that if we spend our money on organisations powered by women, the money will flow where we need it most in society. We also love the saying “A rising tide lifts all boats”. So this is our mission. Use our financial power collectively, to give financial strength to women in business.

Not all women go into business to follow their passions.

Often its because women don’t have other options. They can’t juggle work and childcare and make it all work. Or they can’t get a job because they are an immigrant and its getting employed work is hard, or don’t speak the language or have the skills to earn enough. Even though things are improving in the workforce for women, it still isn’t ideal. Often going into business feels like the only choice. So this is our call, our symbol, our warcry to promote, support and become a Chick Tick approved business, so we can easily recognise the women who are out there, forging the way in industries, learning new skills and making the world work for them.

It’s simple:

Let’s be empowered, by using our stopping power to empower other women. Let’s celebrate, support and cheer on the women out there making a change and challenging the business world. Let’s get people buying their products and services by using the simple logo that lets you know that a woman was behind what you’re buying.

Chick Tick is here to put the power into your hands, by shopping. Who doesn’t love that idea?

Shop for equality

  • We all shop.
  • We all buy stuff.
  • We want you to help.

We know there is a difference in income between women and men. We know the revenue of women business owners could increase if we chose to support them. Mindful consumers bring real, systemic, long term, change.


It’s typically known that women in business earn less than men.  Not to mention how having children further impacts the workload, as Mum’s try to balance childcare and income. When these businesses are small, the money goes back into the community. By supporting women-owned and led businesses, we are helping them and our communities grow stronger. With strength there is power. Power to employ others, the power to grow, the power to help educate and share, the power to put money aside for their retirement. Help women who choose to be self-employed or who employ others to stand in their power.


Change the conversation around women’s financial power. Support and empower the voice of women through visibility in business.


Chick Tick will bring about change by shifting the conversation about women in business. It’s time to:

Celebrate the success of women in business

Create a demand for more women to be at the helm of successful companies, and

Highlight the fact that women have the consumer purchasing power

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