Social Enterprise

Chick Tick is a social enterprise.

We operate like any for-profit business, but with a ‘profits for purpose’ attitude. We are here to make sh*t better. 

We 100% exist to be the champions, the cheerleaders, the advocates and the promoters of women in business. We use the fee’s from the approved businesses to collectively promote and support the approved business.  As Helen Keller said ” Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.’

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that operates to tackle social problems. We exist to benefit the public and the community (rather than shareholders). Many see social enterprises rooted in empathy. Empathy is a powerful emotion, allowing us to understand other people, their position, and their needs.  We believe that we can use economic principles, empathy and understanding to create meaningful support, awareness and change. 

We are committed to investing at least 40% of all of our income into promoting women-owned and lead businesses. A lot of social enterprises promise to give 100% of profits; but profits can be lost in fancy offices and large consultation fees, we won’t allow this to happen. Pledging to commit out of the bottom line, means that any money that comes in, 40% will go back into much-needed marketing, PR, support and promotion of women-owned and led business.

We are on a mission to create consumer demand, and visibility to Chick Tick approved businesses.  People buy from brands and business they know and love, our mission is to make the micro, the small, the medium and the large business known and seen, so we can shop to support them, and let the money go into the female economy.   

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