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 We want to support and celebrate. You know the women behind these businesses have fought hard to make their own way. Not everyone feels comfortable telling their story.  The Chick Tick means, you don’t have to, and you will still get the love and support you need. 

– Jacquie Baker, Founder of Chick Tick.

Chick Tick is a consumer-driven initiative to support products and services delivered by women. What does that mean? Let’s use our shopping power and use it to make the female economy strong.  Let’s shop for equality.  Let’s not wait for change, for fairness, for the right time.  Let’s make it a habit to spend our money to support women in business. 

It started with an idea.

The idea is simple: Support women in business by buying their products. Money will flow into the households and business of women-owned and led.  This will enrich the communities of these women, and it will encourage larger business and corporations to give more women leadership roles. 

The solution is simple: A logo that lets the world know women are behind the products and services. Something easy to recognise.  Something that at a glance, let’s you know this product or service is female-powered. 

You show your support with your money, but how do you know who you’re supporting? We’re too damn busy to research what we’re buying. If only there were a clear symbol that let you know that a woman was behind the product!

Chick Tick is here to put the power back into your hands, the hands of the consumer. Collectively women control around 85% of all consumer spending.  We are one of the most powerful groups on the planet – but we are constantly told we lack power.  The act of consciously shopping is simple but effective.

The concept is nothing new.  Think of how we were all bought up with the Australian Made logo, or the Heart Foundation Tick.  We know  when we see these logos we feel a little more connected to make the purchase, we know that these products are a little bit special, we don’t need to know the entire story, but we know enough to sway our purchase decisions.  

Founded by Jacquie Baker and Jorja Watts, Chick Tick is the force that puts the power of women in business right in the public eye. Celebrating the wins, together, actively putting money into the female economy.

Jacquie is a mother of 3 boys and has been in business for 15 years.  During that time she has worked with over 700 business. Jacquie saw the difficulties that women faced, often because they didn’t have enough money to invest in promoting their business, they lacked the time or the support. Also, many women do not feel comfortable putting their photos online or telling their personal stories.   Jacquie wanted to think of an effective way to solve the problem.  Women in business are often time poor and underfunded, yet most women love shopping and supporting women.  How can we easily and affordably show each other?  That’s when Jacquie, set on the journey to juggle, save and take the legal steps to create Chick Tick.  Along the way, she has connected with hundreds of crazy, wonderful, powerful, clever, magical women who are all on the journey to love and support each other in business. 

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