Let’s talk about making women visible 👀, and what it could look like if we do.

Let me start by trying to frame the way I see things. I was brought up with the ‘Girls can do anything’ campaign blasting from TV’s.  My mother was the main income earner, having a very successful career in banking, and I was a kid from NZ, the country where women were the first in the world to vote. I come of age when NZ , had the five highest offices of power were held by women all at once. I was surrounded by successful women.

My perspective is geared to look for the win.  Take a look at this example.  I was chatting with a friend, and she said.  “It’s so bad, I was reading about how terrible women in New Zealand have got it.  Out of the top 100 businesses, 25 don’t have women in senior management roles”. She went on to talk about how sexist business is and mumbled about pay parity.  Now, when I heard her say that, in my head, I was like “Wow, 75% of the most successful companies in NZ, have women involved in their success”  “Who are these companies, how can I support them, and how can we encourage it to be 100%?”. My way of thinking is to focus on the positives. I want to know who these companies are, support them, be enpowered in my consumer habits. Hopefully, enough of us show support with our purchases so that it encourages the lagging 25% to get involved.  What was the percentage in the 1970’s?  Are we on a trajectory to hit 100% in the next decade?  I don’t know, but let’s try and get there, it can’t hurt.

My mission is to look for the wins and help create more. I want to create so many wins, that we don’t need ‘wins’ any more. This isn’t to ignore the negative stuff that is happening out there but I do feel there has to be some people on the side lines cheering and supporting.

By supporting a business that is owned or led by women, we create more opportunities.  If I am choosing to give my money between Procter & Gamble or Jenny when I buy deodorant, I’m going to give that $3 to Jenny; she probably needs it more than a multi-billion dollar company.  I am going to feel empowered by being able to spend my money to support Jenny. I like feeling good about myself.  I don’t even have to do anything I wouldn’t normally do…..  It’s not too hard; it’s shopping, I friggin love shopping!  So it’s a win-win.

If we dig deeper, there are some pretty amazing what if’s.  What if we as a community start focusing on the financial power we collectively hold.  What if we start creating change, by demanding companies give us equality? Money is power, What if we have began creating real change with that 100 trillion dollars we get to spend each year ? What if our young girls and women get inspired by seeing all the amazing Chick Tick businesses out there. What if they start to see opportunities all around them.  What if they see the women that have come before them out there, smashing goals, innovating, creating, getting paid and employing people?

What if this becomes a celebration of opportunity and success, and we collectively do our part to inject money back into our local economy creating more jobs, slowing the wealth gap from going to the top 1%? Keeping money in our communities?

So as you can see, I have gone from wanting a simple logo on products, so I can support the Jenny’s, Joy’s and Sam’s – to wanting to create a movement, where we buy to support all sorts of wonderful change. I might be idealistic and optimistic, but someone has too and I want you to be as well.

How to help me start this mofo movement, because I can’t do it by myself.👭👭

If you want to show your support – Make a promise – let’s try and track how many people think this idea has legs. Tell us how much money you think you could spend on women-owned business.  This will help us get some sponsorship/ funding to drive this project.  I see ad campaigns and billboards with really awesome chicks telling awesome people to buy the chick tick.  Please share and share hard.  This will live and die by how much life we can breath into this. Chick Tick is launching soon so if you know of any cool business ladies who would rock the logo on their stuff, send them our way, we will be giving away 200 free lifetime licences so we can hit the ground running.


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