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Put the Chick Tick logo on your products, let the world know it's a women owned business

Reasons to get involved

Why this? Why now?  Collectively, lets stand in our power and make a difference. 

90 percent of female customers are willing to go out of their way to buy a product from a woman-owned business. 51% of female consumers will give a female owner a second chance if the first experience is not what they were expecting.

There are no consumer awareness campaigns to increase the visibly of women business owners.  We want to unite women in business, and directly speak to consumers. This conversation will help increase sales for women owned businesses. 

Research has shown that shoppers associate woman-made products with higher quality, which suggests the Chick Tick could attract certain buyers.

The Chick Tick pools 20% of membership fees into marketing to promote the Chick Tick.  The more members, the more visibility, more consumer demand.

The Chick Tick is first and foremost a marketing tool, to promote female owned businesses.  If you want an easy way to be recognised and get a competitive edge, this logo will help.  Imagine shopping for two bottles of wine the same price, not knowing much about either and noticing one had the logo saying it was a women owned business.  Now, which one do you choose?

There are not enough celebrations of how far we have come over the past 40 years.  We hear a lot about the earnings gap and glass ceilings,  we want to lead from a place of celebration and encouragement, showing others that there is a world of amazing business women doing great things.

We want to empower women with the knowledge they have financial power.  The media may focus on what we don’t have, but by understanding that we are a the most financially powerful group in the history of humanity, we can demand change through market forces.  By having the Chick Tick logo, you are helping women support other women.

Women want to support women, but a lot of us, do not have time or the money to promote through a personal branding.  If you want to take advantage of female loyalty, but don’t want to put your face or name all over the internet, this is the perfect solution.

Membership Types

All approved members get the licence to use the logo on products, services and promotions. Directory listing, shout outs on social channels. 

Small Business


At least 50% female ownership.  

0<15 employees.



At least 50%  female ownership.

Larger businesses with more than 15 employees.


Organisations & publicly listed companies. 30%+ of the board must be female or  have 30%+ women in the corporate leadership team.  


Pre Register To Become A Foundation Member


As a Chick Tick foundation member you will be one of the FIRST to receive and launch the Chick Tick special edition logo, cheap access to member events, VIP welcome pack, certificate and a commemorative pin.

With only 500 foundation member spots available, now is the time to get involved in the movement of the century.

Most of all, you will be helping change the conversation around women owned and lead businesses.  You will be part of a movement to make women in business visible.

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