The amount of money women get to spend each year will make you scream 😱

Scream with joy that is. Sorry for the click bait title 😜 but the figures are enormous. The current conversation might be heavy on the gender pay gap. What people are not talking about is how much money women get to spend in globally. We should be talking about it. There are few articles online discussing how people can get a piece of the pie, with women controlling an estimated 18- 20 trillion dollars a year globally. It is a marketers dream and a corporations cash cow.

These articles break down how women make 91% of the decisions when it comes to vacations or 95% of home furnishings purchases. They discuss the tone and the way you should market to try and get the money from these purchasers. But no one is talking about the power women hold. The significance of women controlling and 85% of the money.

Hello, 20 trillion dollars a year!!! Ladies, that’s us!! We have the power. 💪🏼 💪🏼💪🏼

Let’s start using our economic power and making our purchases count so we can create change. We can start holding people and corporations accountable. We can be using our buying power to start influencing all sorts of social and environmental change. We can stand in our power. We have the power. Collectively we need to acknowledge it and start to use it, instead of it being kept to the realms of marketing agencies and company forecasts.

I know the idea seems big, maybe too big.

I recently heard someone say not all revolutions happen over night; some take decades. 🙌🏻Let’s start now, not with the expectation that we have to mobilise and launch a revolution tomorrow, but with the knowledge that over time we will have carved out our place for the generations to come.

🙌🏻Let’s make our purchase power count.

🙌🏻Let’s start making conscious decisions to put our 20 trillion dollars globally into communities and homes.

🙌🏻Let’s ensure that we are asking, no demanding, that women be given the same opportunities.

🙌🏻Let us demand that women are represented equally in all facets of commerce, education, health and politics.

Financially women have more power than any of the world superpowers.  We all know that money equals power. Let’s start small, let’s know collectively we already have the power.  We can influence and create change.

Let’s start shopping consciously and support women in business – who knows where it might take us.

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