Celebrate, support and cheer on the women challenging the business world.

CHICK TICK is about consumer power. Whenever you spend your money, your telling the world what you want more of. We vote with our wallets and we want to make informed decisions about where our money goes.

But, who has time to do all the research of who’s behind a business when you’re making a purchase decision? What we need is a clear symbol that gives us the opportunity to make an informed decision with where our money goes.

Remember the Heart Foundation tick? It’s like that but brings visibility to women in business. A clear symbol for consumers to quickly identify their products and buy them.

Let’s shop for equality and buy their products and services. With a clear symbol in the form of a CHICK TICK logo, you’ll know that a woman was behind what you’re buying.

Women in business need our help. On average, women earn almost 50% less than men may just want to check this stat, gender earnings equality is a significant concern worldwide.

34% of Australian businesses are owned by women!

The Solution

Allow us to introduce to you CHICK TICK. A certified trademark that consumers can use to identify women-owned and lead businesses, quickly. We know, it’s long overdue. CHICK TICK approved businesses will have the certified logo on their products and services to let consumers know where their buying power is going.


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