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CHICK TICK represents freedom of choice, to uplift and promote equality for everybody.

We want to both empower women and help men by sharing the burden of modern financial pressures.  

Celebrate the success that have come beforehand and inspire women of the future to step into their power and work alongside men to create a balanced and fair future for all.

CHICK TICK is about empowerment for all women, regardless if we are in business or not.  Women collectively control $22 Trillion a year. 85% of all consumer/retail spending is by us, which means that we have the financial power to create change.

If we use our collective financial power to shop with purpose, we can create change, and we get to decide who gets our money.
The change will be real, systemic, long term, change. We will use what we have to spend our money where it counts, mindfully.

CHICK TICK will bring about change through conversations celebrating the success of women in business. We will create a demand for more women to be at the helm of successful companies, highlighting the fact that women have high consumer purchasing power and can use consumerism to bring about change.

Here’s what you do:

When you shop, look for products and services that are CHICK TICK approved.

You can go to our directory here, to discover our wonderful community of kickass women.

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