It’s like the ‘Australian Made’ logo for the female economy!

If we use our collective financial power to shop with purpose, we can create change.

Chick Tick is a social enterprise. We operate like any for-profit business, but a ‘profits for purpose’ attitude. We 100% exist to be the champions, the cheerleaders, the advocates and the promoters of women in business. We empower women to make a difference.

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Run your own business? Get Chick Tick approved and use the power of the logo to promote your business. Be promoted through our network.Work in a business? 

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Use your shopping-power to make a difference and shop for equality. Look out for the Chick Tick logo to support women in business. Encourage your business babe friends to get approved. #shopforequality.

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Show your support for women in business by spreading the word of Chick Tick. Share the news through your socials, get yourself some flair from our merch store, or donate directly to make a difference.

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Chick Tick?

We vote with our wallets and we have the opportunity to make informed decisions about where our money goes.

Let’s celebrate, support and cheer on the women out there making a change and challenging the business world. Let’s shop for equality and buy their products and services. With a clear symbol in the form of a Chick Tick logo, you’ll know that a woman was behind what you’re buying.

Chick Tick is here to put the power back into your hands, the hands of the consumer #shopforequality.


34% of Australian business are owned by women!

91% of all women say they would shop women owned

$22 Trillion dollars was spent by women in 2018 worldwide


There are two ways to become Chick Tick approved.  With a 3rd way in the pipelines.  
To be approved, your business needs to fit the rules set approved by IP Australia and the ACCC as a Certified Logo

Owners Approved

At least 50%  of the ownership of the entity that is approved*


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Leaders Approved

40% of one of these 3 who are female*

Board of Directors
Leadership Team
 *between 2019 – 2030.


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Gender Pay Parity

Gender Pay Parity Approved.  For larger organisations who can prove there is no gender pay gap.

 Coming Soon


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Do you want to show your support and Shop for Equality? You’ve come to the right place! This Directory houses all the Chick Tick approved businesses that represent the future of women in business.


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